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New Guy here; AMG fan since the 90's...
New Guy here; AMG fan since the 90's...#1 

hello, just discovered this place, thanks to your affiliation with

i've been a very casual AMG fan since the late-90's, largely beginning with the U.S. PIONEER DVD release of the AMG movie.

i was busy with other anime throughout much of the DVD Anime boom of the 2000's, but by the mid-2000's or so,
i had the Anime Works/ADV FILMS complete sets of both seasons of AMG T.V.

around 2008 or so, i picked up AMG COLORS at my local BARNES AND NOBLE, and around 2014 i picked up all five vols. of the early-90's AMG OVA.

around 2013, i acquired the BLUE version of the late-90's TAKARA 1/6 scale Belldandy Character Doll for a decent price off the BAY,
and around 2016, i found thee 1999 TOKYO DOLL FAIR exclusive VOLKS 1/6 Skuld doll for cheap, via a fellow Character Doll collector.

now, in 2017, discovering the new OMNIBUS editions of the original manga, i figure it is high time to get serious about catching up once and for all;

Posts: 1 user 3rd class 17:54 26-Nov-17 - Profile

Hello there.
This place doesn't get much activity nowadays, but you're always welcome
Posts: 428 God 3rd class 11:12 01-Dec-17 - Profile

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