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What's new around here?
What's new around here?#1 

This are some of the changes that were made to the website's system:

Comments and Personal guestbooks.
The image/profile authors now can post messages on their own items.
The last comment/message is now editable (on the message itself).
News entries are now also editable on the entry itself.

New user friendly features
Ratings now work on-the-fly, just mouseover the stars and click to vote (rating will auto update without refreshing the page)
RSS feed icons.

Account security
Account passwords are now being upgraded on login to make them more secure, new users must choose a password no shorter than 8 characters. Login page now only allows 5 attempts before requesting CAPTCHA verification.

HomeCenter's new items
"Favorites" and "My Images in other albums" have been placed in the home page instead of being together with albums.
Two new items: "Ratings" and "Comments/Messages" to help you keep track of your items.

Polls now can be created or edited directly in the submission/edition page.

Forum Posts id links
Each forum post now has a unique link which can be used to link directly to the post.

Miniatures for avatars and HomeCenter's notifications
Avatar miniatures have been included in several places such as Private Messages and Member List. HomeCenter's notifications also got miniatures as well.

User options - Font Size option
This option was split into 6 independent options: Forum Posts, Comments/Messages, Articles, Descriptions, Private Messages and News.

Bigger system fonts
System fonts are now bigger and easier to read.

Premium sections
Premium sections (Chronicles, BitTorrent, Fanclubs) are now available to regular users (both access and content creation)

Administration Area
Mailing List section has been improved. New Section: Statistics.

Currently Gallery's priority is set to Original ArtWorks, also that's the only material currently being hosted. The reason for this is because this is somebody else's host and GP already has an Ah! My Goddess gallery.

Page Indexes
The pages indexes (e.g.: 1 2 3 .. 40 ..) are now easier to use, better looking and less "spammy".

Comments for news
News can now be commented.
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