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Internet experience
How long did you use Internet?
Less than 1 year
1-2 years
3-4 years
5-6 years
7-8 years
Over 9 years
Internet experience#1 

About 13 years passed after Windows95 had a great fanfare all over the world... And the internet is one of the most important technology of human including a good surface and bad surface.
So I want to ask for everyone... how many year is your Internet experience? I also want to hear your free opinion such as the comment when you use the Internet for the first time etc...

Well, I experienced Internet over 7 years, but I used dial-up lines for the first time. (It made me very mad, because it's too slow... )
Posts: 320 God 2nd class 02:39 18-Jan-08 - Profile

I remember my family taking turns on AOL back in 96, when there was only one PC in the whole house and you that to sit through the unbearable 45 second 'handshake'. It was one of those things where we didn't even visit many sites, we were just having fun with the new 'toy'
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Posts: 401 God 3rd class 02:45 18-Jan-08 - Profile

been using the net for over 10 years. used windows 98 for the first time in school for actual work and a few times before that just played around with some older os. owned a computer with internet in our house on and off for last 8ish years. and have had my own pc with internet for last 3ish years
Last Edited: 05:19 18-Jan-08

Posts: 371 God 2nd class 05:18 18-Jan-08 - Profile

The first time I used the Internet was when I studied in computer room of my primary school. Had no idea what this thing can do at that time.
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Posts: 158 God 4th class 07:43 18-Jan-08 - Profile

For me, I started learning my way around the internet in primary/elementary school, with basic email applications and the like. I took courses in subsequent years and had to use the internet more often. The internet, when used properly, is an excellent tool. Back in the day, dial up internet was for the was a pentium 3 computer
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Posts: 131 God 3rd class 18:47 29-Jan-08 - Profile

I'm using internet for about 8 years and first time was when i came to my father work at try it out^^
Posts: 24 Fairy 19:59 29-Jan-08 - Profile

14 years ago, my household got it's first 2.4 kbps modem, and signed onto Prodigy. Wow, was that a terrible ISP (in retrospect).
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Posts: 217 God 3rd class 23:59 29-Jan-08 - Profile

About 12 to 13 years ago I can't remember precisely, and as Bdiah I started out with a 2.4kbps modem. But I didn't really start surfing the web until we got a 64k4 modem (what a massive amount of speed ), now you could visit multiple pages a day and look at us now with our multiple mbit lines(And then giving me a 5GB data limit ) who would have thought.
Posts: 48 Angel 19:24 24-Feb-08 - Profile

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