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*~Change Your Eye Color~*
What Eye Color Do You Want?
Red, Orange
Blue, Light Blue
Green, Turqoise
Pink, Hot Pink,
Purple, Violet,
Sharingan from Naruto
*~Change Your Eye Color~*#1 

I did this over at

anyways, if you could change your eye color...
what would it be?

Mine would be Purple!
Posts: 13 user 3rd class 16:39 30-Sep-07 - Profile

Im happy with my color "brown"

I saw at mythbusters that theres a cd that can help you to change your eye color, but didnt worked at all

My college still on strike.....................
Posts: 843 God 2nd class 01:17 01-Oct-07 - Profile

Mine actually fluctuate a lot between shades of blue, green, and gray. It doesn't necessarily happen over night, but it's something I've noticed and kept track of, making sure to use the same shirt color and lighting as benchmarks From what I remember it has to do with how your effective your body is at making efficient pigment producing proteins.

Links: (I'm hoping for option 2>_>)

I tend to be in the lighter shades. Nothing extreme usually, except sometimes with my natural eye color, blue, which can get a bit sapphire like. Like I said, I try to make sure I have some sort of benchmark for clothing, since clothing color can affect how your eyes might look.

I'm happy with my 'default' blue though
Last Edited: 02:04 01-Oct-07
WWBD-What would Belldandy do?

Cymru am byth!
Posts: 401 God 3rd class 01:37 01-Oct-07 - Profile

I'd want grey eyes. Since my hair is black I think it would look cool.
Posts: 679 Goddess 1st class 17:32 01-Oct-07 - Profile

If you look at my eyes you would think they are dark brown but if you have a closer look they are hazel.

If I could change them I think a really dark grungy red would be nice to make me look evil =D muahahha

Though just having them a darker brown would be best =p

I've no gods in which to pray, ....... so there's none but you in whom to trust
Posts: 317 God 3rd class 18:34 01-Oct-07 - Profile

hmmm hmmmm ^^ T you are ^^

well i think cyan then it means color "other" ^^

BTW Elfen Lied rules xD

Not including Hentai ^^
OCN Member Towik
Posts: 183 God 3rd class 08:30 02-Oct-07 - Profile

im happy with my eye color-brown.

but in a girl i think girls with green eyes are the most attractive^^.So look out girls with green eyes lolol.
A Nation that cannot control its borders is not A Nation.
by Ronald Reagan
In God we trust,In God we love,In God we have faith.
by Me^^.
Posts: 1784 God 1st class 04:54 03-Oct-07 - Profile

I want brown eyes, but I can't find it in the poll XD

Actually my eyes are grey/green
Posts: 1 user 3rd class 20:22 30-Dec-07 - Profile

i always wanted to have blue eyes^^
Posts: 24 Fairy 21:11 30-Dec-07 - Profile

Wow, i've always thought of my eyes to become more darker. Like dark blue or a darker shade of black. hehe.
Is the eyes of belldandy really blue? It is on the sites headers..
Posts: 243 Angel 00:51 31-Dec-07 - Profile

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