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NEWS :: Belldandy Angel Feathers is now hosted under Host
MONDAY, OCT 28, 2013

Belldandy Angel Feathers is now hosted under Host

Thanks to the kindness of the owner of who offered himself to host our website to fulfil my personal wish of commemorating the 10th anniversary with the website available, we're back ONLINE!
It's somehow a fateful strike that the two websites which most dedicated themselves to Ah! My Goddess series end up together at the same host.

From today on, I, the former founder, will not claim any copyrights over this system's scripts, graphics or any other included files, BAF community members are free to use and administer such system free of licenses or paid rights.
Sys1 account's password will be erased as soon the new Administrator is assigned.
If you need technical assistance, don't be afraid to call me. Btw, I tried to retrieve the posts made on the IPB board but I got no reply, if you ever get them, you can ask me to integrate them back here.

Regards, John Ferrer.
12:38 by Endymion
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