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.:: teh_nubkilr ::.
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02:59 19-Nov-07

Email: [Private]
Birthday: Sun, 04-August-1991
Ocupation: Software Developer, Graduate Student
Fav. Anime Character: Miho Nishizumi, Mio Akiyama, Nagisa Furukawa, Belldandy, Sawa Okita
Fav. Anime Series: CLANNAD, Angel Beats, K-On!, Sora no Woto, Girls und Panzer
Hobbies: Anime, biking, software development, evolutionary biology, computational biology, military history and strategy, gaming (think Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wolfenstein The New Order and Halo)
I first became interested in Ah! My Goddess when I watched the movie in March 2006. The next day, my friend gave me episode one and ever since, then, I've been interested in the series. Besides anime, I am also a highly focused student in academic terms, and my strengths lie in sciences. At present, I am working on a MSc in Computer Science and aspire to be a software developer, preferably for mobile platforms or simulations.

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Random Images | Favourites | Last Submissions
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Very pretty:)
19:44 21-Mar-08 by teh_nubkilr
There's something wrong with this image...and it's not just the context of it I'm thinking about: B..
02:28 21-Mar-08 by teh_nubkilr
Love the colour composition of this episode overall
00:20 21-Mar-08 by teh_nubkilr
I sense a fight coming on:)
00:20 21-Mar-08 by teh_nubkilr
very pretty:)
00:19 21-Mar-08 by teh_nubkilr
My Albums (1): Gundam 00

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Real sword
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23:54 20-Mar-08
Can PC games really save lives? :)
An interesting sotry: I believe that anything in moderation is good, but extreme..
04:50 18-Mar-08

Personal Guestbook

you really like gundam huh :>

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..mmmMMMmmmm damn i can't do it longer

you played FM3 Front Mission 3 ?

anyway may the powder be whit u
19:14 29-Jan-08

You interest in military and weapons? Me, too !!!
Good luck in your study. q^ ^p
16:21 24-Jan-08

Which one? ;; The top one my friend from another forum made for me, the one about typing out words I got from a friend.
22:26 17-Jan-08

lol thanks hi hi to btw =P
14:57 29-Dec-07

Uh, hey dude (or gal), Nevermore here from his introduction thread. Thanks! You seem like a pretty cool person (well, from what I saw), and I hope to see you around the site. Perhaps we could strike up back and forth convos of sorts as I'm a 'newb' and you said you don't talk to others much.
06:00 29-Dec-07
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