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System :: Information
Information Center

This site is related to Belldandy!! Uploads should be restricted to Ah! My Goddess Only, unless upload area displays otherwise information.


- Do not create clone accounts.
- Dont flood discussion boards.
- Layout copies are forbidden.
- Provide correct personal information (do not fill your profile with lies).
- Hentai contents are not allowed in this web site.
- Do not upload images that are already in the site.
- The new images are filtered by our moderators, they may be moved or deleted if they dont meet category requirements.
- Do not offend the other users.
- Use english language.

If you follow the rules above you're very welcome, and everybody will apreciate.

Privacy Policy.

All personal information such as email addresses, referers, system specifications is collected only for internal processing, its user's choice to provide own personal information and to offer it to the general audience in his/her profile.

Uploads Priority List.

1 - Original Fanart/Cosplay/Photos
2 - Ah! My Goddess
3 - Other Anime
5 - Non Anime

All images uploaded by users require approval before display at galleries, if the image isnt accepted it may be for one of the following reasons (sorted by probability):

- Duplicate (Image is already at the site)
- Bad Quality / Too Small / Distorted
- Bad Compressed (Small images with high filesize)
- Is an avatar (Avatars must be uploaded on profile only)
- Offensive content (Hentai, Porn) (This is completely forbbiden, user may get banned if keeps submiting this images)

User's Upload Quotas

Normal Users:   2 Mb

Premium Users:    30 Mb
(Promoted after 450 site items or after being regularly active for a while)

Donators/Uploaders   50 Mb / 60 Mb
(Users who donated for the site or regular image providers)

Image Indexation

All uploaded images must be indexed with the correct category (for example "Pair") to provide users or moderators an easier search through. The existing avatars dont need to be indexed. All screenshots must be indexed on categories such (OAV,Movie,TV1,TV2,Mini Goddess)

Account Support

- if you didnt receive the verification email (and it isnt at junk folders), please submit the verification form with your email and any key, an admin will send you a non php email as soon as possible.
- If you need to contact us or need further assistance please use Contact Page.

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