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A Japanese Boy and A Goddess
The Goddess Project
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Belldandy Angel Feathers Forums
Belldandy World
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
Belldandy & other Amg characters
Everything About Ah! My Goddess Characters
955267  Do you know what to do if a Goddess came...
 by Zato-1 on 20:16 21-Mar-08  
Her place
201385  how many times have or well................
 by uberlord03 on 14:09 08-Mar-08  
Ah! My Goddess
Belldandy anime series
2155057  Ah! My Goddess music themes
 by depthcharger04 on 18:00 22-Sep-10  
Angel Feathers Web Site
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
Angel Feathers
Discussion related to this web site
2424439  Gallery Archive
 by Endymion on 19:47 29-Nov-13  
1292115  Replace Existing Image ???
 by Endymion on 14:07 29-Jul-11  
Welcomes and Introductions
1662943  teh_nubkilr's second coming
 by teh_nubkilr on 23:19 20-Apr-15  
Request stuff here
831077  Season One episode 12.5
 by teh_nubkilr on 23:22 15-Feb-08  
Heavenly Birthdays
Birthdays related
151636  2008 Birthdays!
 by MK1 on 16:51 21-Mar-08  
Special Series
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
The best action series of 2007
16  Who's your favourite Claymore?
 by armageddon90 on 09:40 05-Feb-08  
You're Under Arrest
Other series created by Fujishima (Considered the sister series of Ah! My Goddess)
210  You're Under Arrest Motion Picture (Movi...
 by swahab on 20:21 10-Jan-08  
Other Anime
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
Discussion about romantic series
381050  SKULD & KEIICHI?
 by reaper666 on 03:45 17-Mar-08  
Sad Series
Discussion about sad series
33761  Saddest anime scene ever...
 by teh_nubkilr on 23:29 16-Mar-08  
Action Series
Discussion about action series
471016  Evangelion 2.0 You can (Not) advance
 by Endymion on 02:35 01-Jun-10  
Anime Characters
Anime characters Overview
481529  Which Manga Character Reflects You Most!...
 by OZJASS4 on 20:48 24-Jan-08  
General Anime
Global anime discussion
1412226  Nominations for Best Anime Series of 200...
 by Bdiah on 02:40 17-Mar-08  
Anime Related
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
Manga Section
Manga Discussion
52848  Manga Episode 233 Released
 by airgeneralpong on 04:52 21-Mar-08  
Discussion about music
49652  Who is your favorite artist?
 by MK1 on 13:47 05-Feb-08  
Anime Music Videos
Discussion about AMVs
17346  Ah My Goddess music videos
 by reaper666 on 04:23 11-Mar-08  
Bittorrent trades
Belldandy Angel Feathers Bittorrent and other tradings
17291  bittorrent requests
 by stevejaen on 09:46 12-Feb-08  
Non Anime
ForumThreadsPostsLast Post
Non anime discussion
2717036  If you are a Warrior...
 by Zato-1 on 20:22 21-Mar-08  
Cinema / Broadcasting
Cinematographic / Broadcasting related topics
15156  The Anime Network
 by Goku_B on 23:03 31-Jan-08  
Tech World and Digital Era
Everything about technology
66878  pc properties
 by discovery_2001 on 16:52 21-Mar-08  
Design and Creativity
Wallpapers, drawings, web, art...
25410  My Favorite Colors
 by teh_nubkilr on 03:10 01-Mar-08  
PC/Console Video Games
Discussion about gaming and gamers
11154  Batman Arkham Asylum / Arkham City
 by Endymion on 17:26 05-Dec-11  
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Last Posts
teh_nubkilr's second coming
I can't believe that it's been some seven years since I joined. It's good to be ..
23:19 20-Apr-15
What's new around here?
This are some of the changes that were made to the website's system: [b]Comme..
23:27 03-Nov-13
The nomination of the new administrator
If you wish to be part of the list of candidates for new administrator please st..
18:58 03-Nov-13
Your opinion about the OAVs after TV Series?
The OVA's were good, but kinda felt rushed. But nowadays, I'll take what AMG..
17:50 14-Mar-12
Your opinion about the OAVs after TV Series?
The series were rather long, the OAVs/OaDs were short but diversified.
12:28 18-Dec-11
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