Aa! Megami Sama is also known as Ah! My Goddess (direct translation) or Oh! My Goddess (related with "Oh! My God" expression).

The series are a mixture of mystic and romantic genre also with some scenes touching the comic and ecchi.

The story tells about a college student who receives an unexpected visit from a helpline goddess while he was trying to order food by phone. He's granted a wish and he decides that he wants someone like her to stay with him forever.

The series started in manga form, being lately adapted to animation, first with 5 OAV episodes, a movie and a season of 48 mini episodes ( Adventures of Mini Goddess ). Due to its success, two new 24 episode long series based on manga story have been produced.

The story basis first appearance was on Afternoon Magazine in 1988 by Kosuke Fujishima (The original author), where the original idea of a goddess that comes from heaven to help who needs was first presented to the world despite the main character was a bit different than today's.

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